5 Best Roti Makers 2017 – Buyer’s Guide India

best roti maker in indiaBest Roti maker Can be a blessing for the modern housewives, working women/men and students.

However, choosing the right roti maker is a tough task because either you haven’t bought it in the past or your previous purchase was not so good. 

So, we took the challenge to go through all roti makers available in market and have compiled the top 5 roti maker review so you can make decision very quickly.

There is no doubt that this kitchen automation tool makes your roti making task a lot easier. But if you don’t go for the best chapati maker in 2017, it will be a big price to pay.

So, we have gone through all the roti makers available in India, have reviewed them, considered what existing users have to say and did in depth technical analysis to come up with the list of top 5 electric roti makers in India with their reviews.

Special Features & Specifications of Our Top 5 Picks


1.  BAJAJ VACCO 900-Watt “Go-Ezee” Chapati/Roti/Khakhara Maker

bajaj vacco roti makerBajaj Vacco “Go Ezzee” Chapati / Roti / Khakra Maker is one of the best roti makers in the market. It is a product that has more than one uses and buyers love its versatility.

It is a portable automatic chapati maker which is light weight, fast, convenient and hygienic.

Features of Bajaj Vacco “Go Ezzee” Chapati / Roti / Khakra Maker

  • It does not require a roller pin or belan to make the rotis
  • It has an automatic double thermostat temperature control to maintain the temperature
  • It has a high quality Teflon non stick aluminum coating
  • It has a sturdy stainless steel body which makes the chapati maker robust
  • It is shock proof insulated
  • Its bakelite handles are ideal for making crisp rotis, papads, khakrasetc
  • It has a Warranty for 1 Year against Manufacturing Defects from the Date of Sale of the Product.
  • It comes with a free Video Audio Demo C.D explaining the working of the Product, also included along with the CD is a small Booklet explaining explicitly the working of the product.
Stainless Steel Body Roti not pressed evenly sometimes
Shock proof base Makes more sound comparatively
Automatic temperature control
Non-stick coating
1 Year Warranty
Demo CD include


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2. Athena Libra Roti Maker

libra athena roti makerAthena Libra roti maker is a tool that enables you to bid goodbye to the onerous task of making rotis and frying them out on a pan. It comes with a 1 year warranty.

It is a portable automatic chapati maker which consumes less electricity, has non stick coating, and safe bakelite handles.

Features of Athena Libra Roti Maker

  • It makes soft and puffy roti’s in seconds which is the main purpose of a roti maker
  • It has a light indicator so that you know that the roti is done
  • It has a non stick surface so that food doesn’t stick on the chapati maker
  • It is energy efficient and consumes less power, it consumes 975 watts of power to be specific
  • Thickness of the roti’s will be around 1mm to 2mm depending upon the softness of the dough and the size of the doughball.
  • Size of the roti would be 18 cm.
  • A demo CD Is provided with the product which demonstrates how to use the product
  • One can also make dosa, egg omlette, chapati all together with this product
Soft & Puffy roti in seconds Sticky surface
Non-stick surface No demo CD provided (Video available online)
Energy saving
Light indicator
Best for housewives
Safe bakelite handles
1 year warranty

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3. Sunflame RM1 900-Watt Roti Maker

Sunflame RM1 900-Watt Roti MakerSunflame RM1 900-Watt Roti Maker Maker is one of the advanced roti makers in the market. It is a product that has more than one uses and buyers love its versatility.

It is a portable automatic chapati maker which is light weight, fast convenient and hygienic.

Features of Sunflame RM1 900-Watt Roti Maker

  • It has uniform heating so that no particular part gets heated too much
  • It has food grade non stick coated cooking plate which ensures that the food does not stick on the plate
  • It enables oil free cooking
  • It comes with a 1 year warranty on the product which is valid from the date of purchase of product
  • It has power of 900 watts and is thus quite energy efficient
  • It has a stainless steel body
  • It has a bakelite handle which doesn’t get warm like the rest of the roti maker
  • It comes with a free Video Audio Demo C.D explaining the working of the Product, also included along with the CD is a small Booklet explaining explicitly the working of the product.
  • It has a power indicator and thermostat for heating, so you know when the roti is getting made
  • It has a reliable heating coil and user friendly handle
  • It has an easy clean SS cover
Uniform Heating Over heating in outer body also
Oil free cooking Makes sticky Rotis sometimes
Food grade non-stick coating on surface
Bakelite handle
Easy clean cover
1 Year warranty


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4. Maharaja Whiteline UNO Roti Maker

Maharaja Whiteline UNO Roti MakerMaharaja Whiteline UNO Roti Maker is one of the best roti makers in the market.

It is a portable automatic chapatti maker which makes the burdensome task of roti making a breeze.

Features of Maharaja Whiteline UNO Roti Maker

  • It is electrically powered
  • It has 900 watts power usage, and is thus quite energy efficient, and can operate in any plug point of 230 volts,
  • It has a high quality non stickcoating on both sides, so the food doesn’t get stuck on the roti maker – you can wipe the surface clean with a dry cloth once you are done
  • It has a sturdy stainless steel body, which makes the roti maker quite robust
  • It is electrically powered and comes with an indicator light which keeps an eye on the temperature for you. Thus you will never burn your fingers knowing the right temperature
  • It comes with a warranty of 2 years, which is valid from the day of the purchase
  • Nothing is given free with this product, however demo videos about how to use the product are available from the internet
  • This Maharaja product has a thermo fuse which shuts the appliance off when the right temperature is reached thus saving electricity 
Easy to use Roti not pressed evenly all the times
Bakelite handle Makes more sound comparatively
Non-stick surface coating


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5. Libra Multipurpose Roti Maker

Libra Multipurpose Roti MakerWe have selected Libra Multipurpose Roti Maker as #5 for number of reasons. It is one of the best chapati makers in India and Indians have loved it.

It is equipped with latest technology and offers all the main features that one should look for in a roti maker.

Features of Libra Multipurpose Roti Maker

  • People often complain that they get rotis like papad when they use roti maker. But that happens when plates are heated too much.
  • So using this adjustable knob provided in this, you can control the temperature of the plates and make perfectly cooker rotis.
  • Dough won’t stick on the plates because they come with non-stick coating.
  • Power indicators and shock and scratch proof base are added features that give you more control while using the device.
  • This kitchen automation tool also comes with non-heating handle so you can use it with safety.
  • You can also make rotis in this machine at faster speed. It takes only 10-12 minutes to make 10 rotis of you follow proper guidelines and have soft dough.
  • Additionally, you can also make Omelette, Papad, Khakhara and Uttapam in this roti maker.
  • Like all the good chapati maker reviews , this one also has power of 900 watts and operates at 230 volts. So it’s most suitable for Indian homes. If you plan to use LIbra roti maker outside India, make sure you carry proper electricity converter.
Highly attractive design No Warranty
Scratch and Shock proof coating Not many buyers of this product
Stainless steel body
Make Omelette, papad, khakhara, dosa using this
Cool touch handle


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Things We Have Considered to Pick The Best Roti Makers


Undoubtedly, performance is the biggest factor we considered while choosing the products. We can assure you that our team of reviewers have used all these products and came to conclusion only after that.

All the roti makers we have selected have performed well for the existing costumers also. Yeah, it’s important to use such tools as per instructions. You will get puffy and soft roti in seconds if used correctly.

If you just want to for the best performing chapati maker, you must go for Prestige PRM 1.0 900-Watt Roti Maker. It has outperformed other products by a big margin.

Ease of Use

As we told in the performance section, it takes proper guidelines following and some practice to make optimal use of these chapati makers. For ex, if you are making dough manually with the hands, you must keep it for 15-30 minutes before making rotis to make them softer. That way a roti will come out softer and puffy.

Most of the products chosen here come with a Demo CD. You must watch the demo videos multiple times before even attempting to use the products. And while using, don’t experiment! Just follow the instructions and you will have taste of handmade rotis with this automation tool.


With ever increasing inflation in India, we must factor in the price of the products. And we went through all the models of roti makers available to make sure we are just including those products that have the best value for money.

If price is a constraint for you, go for Sunflame RM1 900-Watt Roti Maker. It’s available on Amazon for just Rs 1390 as we write this.


When you purchase something, you want best products plus best after sales service, don’t you?

Hence, we/you must consider which brand you are choosing to buy something like this. If something goes wrong with the purchase or when you are using the product, having branded product will add a cushion of excellent customer support.

If brand is your first priority, go for Prestige or Bajaj Vacco roti maker. These brands are excellently serving customers for years.

Existing Customers Reviews

How can we not consider what end users have to say about the products?

That’s biggest factor for us in selection of top 5 chapati makers in 2017. All these products have good reviews from the existing users.

Few people may complain here and there about the roti not coming out 100% like manually made roti. But then you are saving a lot of time and efforts with these chapati makers. And also, they didn’t follow the instructions properly before using the items.

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