About Us

My wife wanted to purchase a roti maker. So she set me a task of finding the best roti maker available in India. Being an engineer, I am always happy to help her make smart purchase decisions for home appliances. BUT…

Boy o Boy…it was a difficult task. I had no prior knowledge of Roti makers and we had no friends who can chime in.

So I went through everything that was available in the market and online. It was overwhelming process but finally I found one roti maker that suited our requirements and budget. TASK WELL DONE because the roti maker we purchased is really awesome.

But that’s not the point here. Throughout my research, I found no help from any website or blog that made my task easier. All available information was useless and vague.

So being an engineer, I thought why not help people by reviewing products and suggesting top 5 or 10 products for their requirements.

That’s how Selectsmartly.in was born. A review blog for home and kitchen products.

However, it’s not limited to Roti Maker reviews only. We are planning to help all housewives (and their researcher husbands) by reviewing wide array of products. Weeding out bad ones and provide complete guide on how to make the best purchase at the best price.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.